Reflection #4

 How did your research inform your products and the way they use or challenge convention? Reflection #4 Transcript: My research was a big aid to me in how I created my project. I started by watching the openings to a few coming of age films to see how they started. So, most of them started like with a car scene or with the main character, you know, waking up and starting their day so I tried to imitate that to use, I tried to use those conventions for my own film and I also tried to strive away and make it a little more mysterious in the end of the opening to set up a good overall plot. So, it's not just coming of age but something a little different to add something interesting to the beginning of the film that would be further progressed later in the film, so that's how I tried to kind of challenge the convention of a film opening. 

Reflection #3

 How do your projects engage with the audience? Reflection #3 Transcript:  This project engages with the audience through using the blog format. So I document the entire creation process of making the film and I talked about how I created my idea and some outtakes and some shots or some ideas that I had or doing research on conventions and certain things and I used that to talk to the viewer and also the survey that I did that was related to my film, I used that to get the opinions of my classmates to see what's most popular to use in film. So I think I used those things to engage with the audience the most. The blog was very, like, storytelling of how I started in the beginning and how I advanced towards the end and now using it to document my reflection on how this all affected me as a filmmaker. So, it's the blog.

Reflection #2

 How do the elements of your production work together to create a sense of branding? Reflection #2 Transcript: I think the element I used the most is jump cuts within the scenes. I tried to show a progression of time using multiple shots to build the scene, instead of using a few long takes. I do have a longer take compared to the rest near the end, but other than that, every scene is cut pretty heavily to show multiple things happening within the scene in a sort of fast paced manner. I used this to show Miles does a lot during his day and there's a lot going on, except at the end when he's just sitting and we're listening to his thoughts. But, I think this created a good branding for me that can be also seen in my preliminary film, because I find it more effective to use multiple cuts instead of a few long takes for a film. I just think it shows a little more, a little more of what's going on in the scene versus just, like, one take following one character. I just thou

Reflection #1

 How do your products represent social groups or issues? Reflection #1 Transcript: The group my film mainly targets is students. This tackles the issues that many students face, more specifically student athletes, who have a lot on their plate and need to keep focus. But it can also apply to students who are just struggling in school and have to work a bit harder to stay on track of their goals. The student population is a big part of our society, and is also a demographic that I'm apart of, so I wanted to do something that could relate to my peers and also a topic I personally know a lot about. In the voiceover, you can hear the main character, Miles, telling himself that he has a track meeting coming up, and that he just needs to focus on that and practice. He takes his track career very seriously, and uses it as a way to escape any other thoughts in his head, and I wanted to convey that by making it the first thing he does after getting ready in the morning, which is something I

Final Film

 And here is the finished work. I tried my best to convey my idea and make it so that it seems like an interesting enough setup for a full film. Enjoy!  Runner's High

Raw Video

 This is a raw version of my final product, it doesn’t have the opening establishing shots nor does it have the voice over. It also has a few shots that are different from the final product, just because I wanted to include them to see if they fit better, but I don’t think they do so I won’t use them.

Shower Scene Practice

Even though this take and the final take don't seem like they have much of a difference, I was really debating on which one to use. This one involves the camera moving, and the other one doesn't, and the lighting is a little different. In the end, I decided to use the other one, because I think the still camera is better aesthetically since my shots beforehand were all still, but I also wanted to show this little practice anyways.